Started on May 1,1902 Kuttielavil Traditional Ayurvedic Medicals have a service history of hundred years to boast about. Daivadathan Gurukkal laid the foundation for this great organization. Kunjukunju Gurukkal continued the legacy to the next generation and now K.C.Prasad Gurukkal serves the society with traditional ayurvedic treatment. Kuttielavil Traditional Ayurvedic Medicals has contributed a lot to the world
These medicines have cured several fatal diseases  
  • Marmathirummu
    Bone fracture, sprain, bruise, dislocation and for wounds at the vital parts of the body.
  • Massage
    Medical massage, beauty massage, weight loosing and increasing massage, relaxation massage and foot massage are specialties.
  • Panchakarma
    Vamanam, virechanam, nasyam, vasthi, rakthamoksham

  • Other ayurvedic treatments like Dhara, Kizhi, Pizhichil, Njavara and Shirovasthi.


  • Medicated Hair tone
    For Dandruff, hair fall, insomnia, brittleness and it helps to grow thick and smooth hair.
  • Facial Cream
    For moles, black spots, Carbulgles (karimangalyam), pimples.
  • Dhathupushti tonic
    Which enriches rasam, blood, flesh, bones and bone marrows.
  • Tonic for sexual arousement

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